Baphomet Things Happen In Philadelphia Virtual Wrap Party April 15, 2021

We are just one day away from the finale to Baphomet Things Happen In Philadelphia a Satanic Fundraiser. This has been a really fun ride. 

We set out to raise $3,333 for The Satanic Temple and everyone decided to #fuckaroundandfundit and then we did it AGAIN!! To date we have raised $7,266. This has been a community effort. To celebrate, we are having a virtual dance party and YOU are invited. Featuring the DJ talents of Joe Hart (Svmmon NYC) Johnny Panic (Vanguard, DC) and Philadelphia's Mighty Mike Saga. 

Friday, April 16th, 2021 @7pm PT/ 10pm ET 

duration 2h 30m


Ava Satanas
Ruby Muro

Fundraiser Coordinator

Day 6 OVER $4600 RAISED! March 20, 2021

CAN'T STOP. WON'T STOP. There's talk of reaching a NEW $6,666 goal...we just might...#fuckaroundandfundit
In the meantime we have art and such to get to you. After this, I'll be sending an email from my personal account to give you pick up, drop off, shipping and tattoo appointment info. I can answer any questions through my personal email.  

We added (3) NEW Art Packages in the Art Market today. They are packed with F-U-N Satanic art!

Yesterday we added (3) NEW Satanic Rosaries and they all SOLD OUT in seconds...those are hotter than the Devil's balls!

SHOUT OUT to our fist international donation by Darren from the UK!

Thank you so much to Bill and Johnny from Satanic Study Hall for having me on their podcast. We had a great time talking about the fundraiser process and highlighting our talented artists. Check it out! Click the link below
Satanic Study Hall/Baphomet things happen in Philadelphia episode

Much Love,
Ruby Muro
Fundraiser Coordinator

46 Hours Later....WE HIT OUR GOAL!!!! March 17, 2021

FOR THE LOVE OF SATAN! We did it! It only took 46 hours to exceed our $3,333 goal. We are NOT throwing in the towel yet. We want to keep pushing forward and continue to gather support and recognition. We will be adding rosaries to the art market and a few more surprises along the way. We have wonderful artists to highlight and many causes to back. I am beaming with pride that we came together as a community and showed up and SHOWED OUT! We've always had a strong unity in Philly and we're on our way to letting people know nationally what we're about.  Satanism means something different to everyone and that's the beauty of it. Whether you have a passion for the activism or connect more on a spiritual level or anywhere in between your beliefs are respected here. 

Special Shout out to The Satanic Study Hall for your $500 donation! Much love and a BIG THANK YOU to all our contributing artists! 

Genna Kline 
Radar Cunningham
Danielle Loraneau
Nick Evans
Cj Recchia
Max Molseed
Doug Nox
Tricky Lake
Ryan Spahr
Anonymous Artist
Alyssa Mocre-Pike
Abby Osarczuk
Devon Dadoly
Veronica Verrati
Lilith and Eve Photography
Grue Shackleford
Goetic Impressions

Day 2 "Can you crush it too hard? Asking for a friend." March 16, 2021

WOW!!!!! We have received so much love and attention in the last 24 hours! I'm wildly happy to report that we've reached over 80% of our goal in only 1 day. We're going to keep pushing forward and see where this fundraiser can take us in 30 days. Please, follow us on social media and repost any of our content, help us highlight our artists and the fundraiser. This is just the beginning for us. We have plans for food drives, clothes drives, menstruating with Satan (feminine hygiene drive for homeless women) and cemetery clean ups. We want to impact our community locally and support our organization nationally. 

Rosaries SOLD OUT in 4 hours March 15, 2021

WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU!!  Shout out to all our favorite heathens who have made the first 4 hours of Baphomet Things Happen in Philadelphia Fundraiser F-U-N as HELL! We are currently sold out of all the vintage and handmade rosaries. They were lovely. But no need to be sad about it! We have a second batch coming at you in a few days. We'll keep you posted! Thank you for all the support! Share the website! Share our social media posts! HAIL YOURSELF