Perks and Housekeeping April 05, 2021

Ave all!

This will probably be the final update we send out for the campaign.  Thank you all again for your support and for helping to make this a success for us!

All donor perks should be either delivered or in transit by now, unless you are a local donor, in which case we're offering drop off/pickup of your perk(s).  If you haven't yet received your perk, please email (DO NOT reply to this email!) and we can follow up as needed.  We will assume all perks are delivered if we don't hear back from you by 4/19 (2 weeks from today).

If you ordered any of the WASHING OF THE BLOOD perks, those are in progress and will hopefully be done within the upcoming month or so.  We'll email yours directly to you and post it on social media over time (spreading them out) so watch the feeds after you get yours, and tag your friends!

The free benefit show is still on TST.TV for your viewing pleasure so check it out if you haven't yet.  Thank you again to all the bands who performed!  Please support them by checking out their social media, Bandcamp, etc. and buy music and merch if they have any for sale.

We will probably do another event like this in the future and we hope to continue featuring local music among the lineup.  If there's a band you'd like to see who would likely be interested in supporting our cause, let us know and we'll reach out to them when the time comes.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU and HAIL SATAN goes out to every single one of you for your support.  We appreciate it so much and we look forward to a bright future in the months and years ahead!


Moloch Black

Co-Organizer, FOTSTWNY

Less than 24 hours left! March 14, 2021


We have less than 24 hours to go before the fundraiser ends at noon tomorrow, and we're currently at $2,512 (84% of our goal) raised at the time of writing this. I am genuinely floored at the outpouring of support and I sincerely thank you all.

There are still a couple "WASHING OF THE BLOOD" perks left to be claimed! We'll dowse a member of our leadership team in ice cold "blood" and shout out your name, as well as tag in the videos we post to our social media.

There are also a bunch of perks still left, and we have a special promo code available for the final hours of the campaign. Enter KALESATAN at checkout for 20% OFF all remaining perks and help us meet (exceed?) our goal! If you have already donated, THANK YOU SO MUCH and please spread the word. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.



We have big plans for the future as a prospective chapter, and more great projects both currently in the works and planned for later. Not to spoil too much of the surprise, but keep an eye out for our next big project coming later this year...and best of all, it will be fun for the whole family but especially great for your little devils.

Thank you to the bands who performed in our virtual benefit show, thanks to the artists who donated all the amazing perks, and most of all, THANK YOU for your support. Hail yourselves!

Much love,

Moloch Black
Co-Organizer, FOTSTWNY

Less than a week to go... March 10, 2021


We have only a few days remaining and we've already hit 77% of our goal. WOW! Thank you all so much for your donations and if you haven't donated yet but plan to do so, hurry and grab a limited perk before they're gone!

We still have a few of our "WASHING OF THE BLOOD" perks available, so act fast if you still want to claim one. Please also like and share the social media posts we have on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about the fundraiser and all of the awesome perks available, and spread the word about our campaign. We think we can absolutely meet our goal by noon on Monday, March 15th and we have just shy of $700 to go before then. Let's do it!

If you ordered a perk that requires shipping, please be patient as we arrange shipping with the donating artists to get them out to you ASAP. Decals will most likely ship separately from other perks, and virtual perks (like vouchers or bloodbath videos) will be sent/posted directly to you via email.

There have been lessons learned while planning and running this fundraiser that will help us go bigger and better in the future. We have BIG plans ahead as a prospective Chapter of TST and we look forward to supporting the important mission of TST through this campaign once it ends.

Thanks again to all who donated and plan to donate (hurry before all the perks are gone!), thanks to all the artists who donated perks, and thanks to the bands who performed sets for our benefit show. Without all of you, this would not have been possible.

Hail Yourselves!

One week down! February 24, 2021


We are a little over one week down with a little under three to go, and look at this amazing progress so far!  We are at 60% of our $3000 goal and so humbled by all of your support -- thank you so much to all who have donated or plan to donate.  If you haven't yet, check out the limited and unique perks still available, and ACT FAST to claim what you want as they are going quickly.

We also have an exciting announcement for you today: MORE PERKS!  If you missed out on something, you might be able to find it again or possibly find something equally awesome instead.  Check out the new items below.

“THE VOID” (x5) - 37 - $25 Donation each

6”x9” print on matte paper.

Donated by Dyer Wilk of FOTST Western New York

SMUT! (x5) - 26 - $50 Donation each


If you like a little light reading, we've got some dirty words for you. For $50 (x3 available), enjoy a piece of professionally-written erotica you'll read again and again. This is a grab-bag prize, so you get what you get. But hey, that's part of the fun!

Donated by Sarah Wright of FOTST Western New York

WASHING OF THE BLOOD: THE BETTER VERSION (x3) - 36 - $250 Donation each


We also have a couple members who really, really, REALLY don’t want to get doused in frozen blood-like substance in the arctic Western NY winter, and frankly we think that will be much funnier to watch. They have agreed to do it for a REALLY good cause, however, and will also deal with annoyed/angry significant others who especially don’t want them to do this. It will be great for everyone else, though! MAKE THEM SUFFER!

*NOTE: No humans or animals will be sacrificed, only humiliated and very annoyed

Donated by various members of FOTST Western New York

Also, don't forget about the last two perks on our list, "WASHING OF THE BLOOD" and "WASHING OF THE BLOOD: THE BETTER VERSION".  Tired of Dizzy's bad jokes?  Why not have us douse him in ice cold blood for all to see on social media?  Want to see us go over the top and douse the unwilling (more like begrudgingly willing) for even more entertainment value?  Go claim THE BETTER VERSION!  Both levels will include a personal shout out and social tag in the video we post to our social media so all your friends know what a sadist you are. ;)

We are so incredibly grateful for your support and we hope you enjoyed the show.  If you haven't watched it yet, click the link at the top of this campaign page to view it.  We are aware there has been a delay in posting the replay video to TST.TV, so please bear with us and check back often as it should be up any day now.

We have under three weeks left to go so be sure to tell all your friends and family about our campaign!

Who are we? February 15, 2021

Who Are We?

Friends of The Satanic Temple - Western New York (FOTSTWNY) is a group of Satanists and allies of The Satanic Temple located in the Western New York region.  Most of our members are from Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, with additional members scattered around the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier areas.  We formed this group in early 2019 and have been meeting regularly since then.

We offer a diverse range of religious, educational, and social activities for our members, including private group rituals, a book club, Hellfire (curated discussions) club, and monthly social hangouts.  Our membership has been growing nonstop over the past two years as we work steadily toward TST Chapter status.

What Is This Fundraiser About?

We are raising money to benefit The Satanic Temple's many ongoing campaigns.  FOTSTWNY members ardently support the mission and work of The Satanic Temple and we feel that it is critical to directly contribute to those efforts as much as possible.  That's why we're running this 666-hour fundraiser, which includes awesome, unique items available to donors on a first come, first served basis.  Not interested in material possessions?  No problem!  You can donate any dollar amount to support the cause.

Because we believe in doing everything as big and boldly as we can, we're also hosting a free virtual benefit show featuring NINE BANDS from the WNY and Mid-Atlantic regions.  Even if you can't swing a donation right now, you can still enjoy the show, and it will continue to stream after the fundraiser is over in case you miss it.

Please support The Satanic Temple's important work by contributing to our campaign today!

Who are the bands? February 15, 2021

We’re glad you asked! See below for their bios in the order they’re playing in our show.


We are a 4-piece punk band from Buffalo consisting of Maggie Dewitt on vocals, Jeff Colson on guitar, Ethan Childs on drums, and Isiah Druelinger on bass. We have been playing for a few years now and have played a lot in Buffalo. We have one album out called Crackhead Behavior that came out in the summer of 2019. We are in the works of our 2nd album right now and hope to release it in mid-2021. All our music is on all streaming platforms.


Instagram: @officialmuddle




Derived from the underbelly of Buffalo, NY. Emotionally-driven upbeat folk punk, with catchy melodies and energy for days.





Trainwreck originally formed in 2003 under the name 425 by bassist Kurt Hoffman, drummer Kelly DiMatteo, and guitarist Brad "Ozzy" Osbourne. Guitarist Phil Kruger and vocalist Nate Todd joined a practice session or two later. There were a few lineup changes and name changes of the next few years with Split Rail and Asylum VI being the most notable. They eventually called it quits in approximately 2010. 

A few years later, Phil started recording a solo Southern rock album and asked Kurt and Nate to contribute. That was the genesis of the reformation of Trainwreck. Their first album, The Wreckoning, was released in January of 2020. It's a collection of brand new songs and updated songs from 425 and Split Rail. They are currently working on their follow-up EP entitled "D" in tribute to former drummer Kelly who passed Spring 2020. Their combination of various styles of metal and other genres of music make them difficult to fit into a box. They play what they like and hope that you don't hate it too much.




Hailing from Buffalo, NY, weighing in at “one at a time, please,” this is The Living Braindead; a punk band with lyrical themes ranging from supporting the LGBTQ+ community to explaining the plot of  Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The Living Braindead are:

Kevin – Vocals ThinkSoJoE – Guitar B Lee Muller – Bass Little Jon – Drums


Instagram: @living_braindead





Starjuice is a bedroom punk outfit from Buffalo,NY. The band is composed of Corey Wilde on bass, Spencer Eck on Drums, and Fronted by Sidney Flanigan who is also known for her work on the feature film “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”. Starjuice put out their first release “Reminders” in September 2020 amidst the novel COVID-19 pandemic.






Condition Oakland is an Emo/Folk Punk band based out of North Eastern Pennsylvania. Since starting out in 2010 they have done multiple DIY tours & stand by their radical leftist beliefs. The band consists of Tyler Troutman (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Tedd Hazard (Guitar/Banjo), Zack Houser (Bass/Ukulele), Mandi Vivacqua (Keys), Danny Lentus (Drums), & Danny Rodriguez (Guitar).





3 piece DIY outfit from the Southern Tier spanning many styles of punk and metal genres. 






Decomposition is a three-piece band from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. We make weird music in the back of a donut shop after hours. Cody Novitski (guitar and vocals), George Rittenhouse (Bass), Ronald May(Drums).



Instagram: @decomposition.570



Whiskey & The Kidney Stones have been bothering the greater Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington DC area since the tender year of 2000 (or 1999, no one seems entirely sure. We like to tell people our first show was a Y2K orgy.)

Their off-center brand of Badass Rock N Roll has kept audiences almost entertained, having played hundreds of shows including opening support for the likes of LA Guns and The Dickies, and produced four full-length releases:

Gruesome, Awesome Spectacle (2004)

Ugly, Sick and Respectable (2007)

Rock You (2014)

This Mighty Sound (coming in 2021)

The current lineup is:

Whiskey Dixxx- Lead Vox, Guitar

Bobby D- Bass, Vox

Scrap Metal- Rhythm Guitar, Vox, Flavor

Dick Beaterz- Lead Guitar

Ritt Dogg- Drums, Vox

It’s ridiculous. It’s loud. It’s sweaty. It's drunk. It’s a good time. Get some.


Instagram: @whiskeyandthekidneystones