About Support Religious Pluralism

The Satanic Temple congregation in Iowa recently experienced the destruction and beheading of their holiday display at the Iowa State Capitol. This incident, while disheartening, has only strengthened our resolve to advocate for religious pluralism and freedom of expression. The Satanic Temple is calling on our community for support in the wake of a disheartening incident in Iowa. 

The Satanic Temple has initiated a fundraiser to replace TST Iowa's display for the upcoming year and also to cover any potential legal expenses arising from this incident. Our commitment to religious pluralism and freedom of speech remains steadfast, and this fundraiser is a testament to that. Any additional funds will be directed towards supporting The Satanic Temple’s efforts to promote religious plurality, including holiday displays at state capitols across the country and other displays of religious pluralism within the public sphere. TST will be providing resources and strategic counseling to members seeking to represent their religion in limited public forums, including invocations and displays on public property.

We invite you to be part of this important cause. Your contribution supports our fight against tyrannical authority, ensuring that Satanic voices are included in our nation’s religious discourse.

Let's stand together in the face of adversity and show the strength of our community. Your support is invaluable in this journey toward religious equality and representation.